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Day for Night

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Day for Night

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What's it About

Obsessive film director Ferrand (Truffaut) is trying to keep his latest production – a sappy story of forbidden romance, shooting on location in the south of France – on schedule. But aside from technical issues and the whimsical liaisons of various crew members, Ferrand also faces a considerable challenge from his needy, slightly unhinged players, including gorgeous, emotionally fragile Julie (Bisset), immature romantic Alphonse (Leaud), and alcoholic Italian diva Severine (Cortese).

Why we love it

One of the best entries ever about the unique (and often absurd) process of making movies, "Night" is a loving satire about the film-world, filled with marvelously nutty performances, tons of movie references, and an overwhelming joie de vivre. Truffaut develops his slightly defective characters beautifully, and the entire cast is splendid – including then-unknown Nathalie Baye, playing an indispensable production assistant. "Are women magic?" Leaud's bratty actor keeps inquiring. But a better question would be: Has any director ever loved movies more than Truffaut, who lovingly spoofs even himself? The dizzying, exhilarating "Night" is his personal answer.