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Cousin Cousine

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Cousin Cousine

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What's it About

At a wedding, Ludovic (Lanoux) and Marthe (Barrault), cousins by marriage, are thrown together when their spouses sneak off for some hanky-panky. Her husband Pascal (Marchand) is a philandering louse and his wife Karine (Pisier) prefers sleep-therapy to real life. Ludovic and Marthe make plans to see each other again and to the shock of their families, begin a romantic affair when their feelings become more passionate.

Why we love it

Tacchella’s second feature was a surprise hit in the United States and nominated for three Oscars, including Best Screenplay and Best Actress for Barrault. She and Lanoux exhibit a potent chemistry while Marchand, and especially the fizzy Pisier, provide welcome comic relief. Gerard Anfosso’s jaunty score is yet another asset. Breezy, sexy, and droll, “Cousin” proves yet again that the French have an edge when it comes to “L’amour”!

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