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What's it About

Aging bachelor Andres Abalos (Jung) lives in a crumbling estate with his 97-year-old mother, who’s lately become so boisterously batty that he decides to hire 17-year-old Estela (Secall), his servant’s niece, to look after the old woman. Slowly, Don Andres develops an obsession with Estrela, watching from afar as she falls for the penniless Mario (Meza). As their youthful passion grows, it throws into relief Andres’ redundancy, and his inability to exert control over his own life.

Why we love it

One of the most popular films ever to be released in Chile, Caiozzi’s “Coronation” is a marvel of rhythm and observation (which is no surprise, considering Caiozzi’s experience as a cinematographer). An indelible portrait of obsession and loneliness, the film is held together by Jung, an impressive actor whose wearied face conveys all we need to know about the pain and isolation of Don Andres. Also great are María Cánepa as the exuberantly senile matriarch, and Jaime Vadell as a wealthy doctor who likes to party.

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