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What's it About

Finishing school student Leonora (Bel Geddes) dreams of marrying a rich man and leading a life of luxury. Seemingly, her wish comes true when she meets and marries Smith Ohlrig (Ryan), a business tycoon. But Ohlrig turns out to be a bully who treats his wife like just another employee. Leonora eventually leaves Ohlrig and goes to work as a secretary for young, idealistic doctor Quinada (Mason). Eventually Quinada and Leonora fall in love and the doctor proposes. Does Leonora have the strength to leave her husband…and more to the point, will he ever let her go?

Why we love it

German émigré Ophuls modeled the character of Ohlrig on Howard Hughes, with whom he had battled during his tenure at RKO, and Ryan brings a cruel, magnetic charisma to his performance. With such a stand-out villain, the love story takes second stage, but still Mason is a revelation in a rare “good guy” role. Ophuls enriches the love triangle story with his trademark style; watch how the camera glides over a dance-floor, or effortlessly moves between characters as they talk. Moody lighting and dark themes add to the atmosphere of ominous portent in this tingling noir melodrama. Get caught up in “Caught.”

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