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Bomb It

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What's it About

Graffiti is synonymous with vandalism in the eyes of police and city authorities, but for some people, nicknamed "bombers," it's a way of life. This dynamic, entertaining doc traces the history and evolution of hip-hop-influenced street art, from its origins in Philadelphia and New York, to the present day. The filmmakers interview its foremost practitioners on a global hop from L.A. to Barcelona, Tokyo to Sao Paulo.

Why we love it

Most of us have seen the brightly colored, wild style” spray-can wall paintings that blanket the public spaces of different neighborhoods. Reiss speaks with old-school originators like Cornbread and Taki 183 about this street-level art form, which is —still vilified, but increasingly recognized in some mainstream quarters as a vital form of self-expression for disenfranchised youth. Reiss —then travels the globe talking to current bombers about the risks they take with life, limb, and the law to make their signature arabesques. We hear, too, from anti-graffiti activists and municipal officials who have a different view. In the end, though, Reiss's high-energy, pulse-pounding doc sides with the eye-popping culture of the taggers.