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Blood Simple

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Blood Simple

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Suspecting his wife Abby (McDormand) of cheating on him, Texas bar owner Julian Marty (Hedaya) hires slovenly, unscrupulous private dick Loren Visser (Walsh) to murder her and her lover Ray (Getz), one of Marty's employees. But Visser decides to rig the job and double-cross Marty, leading to a devious turn of events that implicates the innocent lovers in murder.

Why we love it

Filmed on a shoestring budget by Joel Coen and his producer brother Ethan, this heart-pounding homage to 1940s film noir was instantly hailed as a classic of American indie cinema. Featuring Barry Sonnenfeld's innovative camerawork and murky lighting, "Simple" not only tells a dark, disturbing tale of murder, passion, and back-stabbing meanness, it introduces the marvelously talented McDormand and features a brilliant performance by Walsh as a sleazy, audaciously amoral gumshoe. Inspired by the novels of James M. Cain and Jim Thompson, "Blood Simple" is a gutsy, dark-comic debut thriller by the Coen Brothers.

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