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April and the Extraordinary World

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What's it About

Since the 1870s, scientists around the world have been mysteriously disappearing; as a result, Europe has never developed past the Age of Steam. Now, in the Paris of 1941, orphaned April (Galuppo), the daughter of two missing scientists, works to solve the mystery and get the world back on course. At the same time, with the help of her talking cat Darwin (Hale), she must outsmart Inspector Pizoni (Giamatti), who nurses a grudge against her family.

Why we love it

Based on the work of graphic artist Jacques Tardi, this wondrous steampunk world jumps off the screen with its atmospheric, hand-drawn images, spirited voice cast and dynamic action sequences. Twin Eiffel towers and retro-futuristic transit systems dominate the smoggy city where our plucky heroine battles enigmatic underground forces. Inventive, imaginative and a whole lot of fun…it’s simply extraordinary!

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