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Anatomy of a Fall

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Anatomy of a Fall

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What's it About

Married writers Sandra (Huller) and Samuel (Theis) have relocated to Samuel’s birthplace in the Swiss Alps, along with young son Daniel (Machado Graner), whose eyesight was damaged in an accident with Samuel present. Their union has become stormier since, with professional rivalry also at play. When Samuel is killed falling off the chalet, the question is: was it suicide, an accident, or murder? Sandra soon finds herself under suspicion. Will she lose not just her husband, but also her freedom?

Why we love it

Lean, cerebral, altogether brilliant murder mystery, written by director Triet and her partner Arthur Harari, is a sublime brainteaser. Gradually via flashbacks, we glimpse the fissures in a marriage that might have led to murder- or not. As the film progresses, definitive answers are not forthcoming, and the truth feels essentially unknowable. This crafty puzzler is unadorned and utterly realistic and boasts a terrific cast, particularly Huller in a restrained, nuanced turn and young Machado Graner, whom you want to jump into the screen to protect. What transpires over 150 minutes, much of it in a courtroom, involves a lot of talking, but you’ll also be talking about this “Anatomy” days and months after the final credits roll.