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An American in Paris

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An American in Paris

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What's it About

Gerry Mulligan (Kelly) is an impoverished painter plying his trade in the City of Lights along with his equally impoverished composer pal Adam Cook (Levant). When a beautiful French girl (Caron) sets Gerry's heart aflame, he's beside himself. Only problem is, his close friend Henri (Guetary), a nightclub singer, is in love with her too. The wealthy Milo Roberts (Foch) is yet another fly in the ointment: though she supports Gerry's work, it seems she admires the artist more than his art.

Why we love it

Set to an incomparable Gershwin score, this dazzling, exquisitely romantic film still mesmerizes. Gorgeously photographed by John Alton, and invigorating from first song to last, "American" swept the 1951 Oscars, thanks to the winning talents of producer Arthur Freed, stars Kelly and Caron, and director Minnelli. The climactic ballet sequence, performed to the title tune, stands as one of the finest musical set-pieces ever captured on celluloid. A must see.