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A Woman in Berlin

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A Woman in Berlin

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What's it About

After the fall of Berlin in 1945, a female reporter (Hoss) hides out in the ruined city hoping to escape the wrath of Russian soldiers, who are taking out their frustration on German citizens. Seeking protection from mass rape, she wins over sympathetic Major Andrej (Sidikhin), exchanging sex for a sense of security. But these unlikely lovers, though close, never forget they are irreconcilable enemies.

Why we love it

Based on the real-life memoirs of an anonymous Nazi journalist, Farberbocks Woman” dramatizes a little-seen facet of World War II, in which the Red Army raped and pillaged its way through Berlin after their spring 1945 invasion. Farberbock examines these incidents through the eyes of Anonyma, a victim of serial sexual abuse before she meets Andrej, and a diverse group of women (a refugee, a bookseller, two sisters, and two lesbian lovers) with whom she initially shares a basement hideout. It's a raw and sobering account of gallows camaraderie and strangely tangled affairs of the heart, as well as the pliable nature of good and evil.