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What are Movie Nights?

A new and exciting offering on Best Movies by Farr. The Movie Nights Club is all about using movies to entertain.

You may have already done a Movie Night with your friends in your own home, maybe it worked maybe it didn’t. Still it’s not as easy as it sounds! You’re wondering what to show, will everyone like it, what do you serve?

With over a decade of experience in themed movie nights, John Farr shows you how todo them so they are fun, rewarding and risk free!

How does it work?

Each Movie Night is based on a theme and amazing suggestions for each of the following:

A Movie Pick


Drinks & Cocktails

Behind the scenes trivia


What to wear?

Entertaining Made Easy

Start throwing Movie Nights like these and you will be the hero of your neighborhood. We provide the do’s and dont’s that make a great Movie Night. We want to make it easy for you to enjoy being the host or hostess. People will leave your place thinking they’ve seen a great movie and enjoyed a great party all at the same time!

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