Posted on 6.27.14 by John Farr

The best movies are a breed apart – exceedingly rare, and born of compelling human stories well told.

A superb drama has the power to change how we see the world, while a first-rate comedy can provide sublime entertainment that nourishes both brain and spirit.

Today, too many exceptional films are hiding in plain sight, obscured by big commercial titles that may divert us in the moment, but offer little lasting impact, insight or enjoyment.

And with today’s technology, there’s more of this stimuli thrown at us than ever before. In a cluttered, chaotic environment, finding a quality movie to watch can be frustrating, even overwhelming.

We’re here to ease the process- to help you cut through the clutter, and put outstanding titles right at your fingertips.

It’s no easy feat to make a good film, much less something better, so it’s no surprise that the vast majority of movies are, in fact, not great.

Our aim is to help you invest your time in the precious few that are.  


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About John Farr

Independent film advocate and movie curator for discerning viewers, John is your guide to the best movies to stream, rent or buy. While Hollywood and the critical establishment push audiences to go see what’s new, John is concerned solely with what’s great – old and new, domestic and foreign, narrative and documentary.

After graduating from Princeton and pursuing a long career in advertising, John set out to follow his dream: to research, compile and promote the best films available, with a special emphasis on "hidden gems” which even the most passionate movie lover may have overlooked or forgotten about.

In addition to his continuing work on Best Movies by Farr, John writes for the Huffington Post, and has appeared on Huffpo Live, CNN, and NBC.

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