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    Zero Days

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    Zero Days

    What's it About

    Early in his presidency, Barack Obama ramped up cyber-attacks begun during the Bush administration in concert with Israel. Code-named “Olympic Games”, the program unleashed malware on the Natanz nuclear enrichment facility in Iran. In 2010 the virus accidentally became public, and the worm spread globally. Dubbed Stuxnet, computer security analysts describe its enormous power and calculate the implications of future cyber-warfare.

    Why we love it

    Award-winning filmmaker Gibney delves deep into covert operations at the NSA and CIA, with alarming results. Using illustrative graphics to clarify the complex nature of computer code, the documentary reveals frightening truths about the provenance, scale and intent of Stuxnet.  Undercover operatives and former officials join security experts in an eye-opening exposé of the secrecy surrounding the world’s next weapon of mass destruction.

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