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    You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet!

    What's it About

    A famous playwright dies and leaves instructions to gather together a dozen beloved actors who over the years have appeared in productions of his play “Eurydice.” In a large country house the thespians (playing themselves) convene and watch a new filmed version of the celebrated work. Gradually the actors are drawn back into the myth of Orpheus and find themselves reliving the timeless story through dialogue and memory.

    Why we love it

    French cineaste Resnais delivers a refreshing take on Jean Anouilh’s classic work, featuring performances from some of France’s finest acting talents. Operating in a field of playful artifice, the director creates an intriguing, surreal atmosphere that breathes new life into this enduring tale. At the same time, the superb cast honors their puppet-master director with this ingenious merging of reality and theatre.