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    Yakuza Graveyard

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    Yakuza Graveyard

    What's it About

    Running a crime family in Japan has always been tricky, but an economic downturn is only making things harder. With two rival families at war over shrinking business and committing ever more outlandish feats of violence on the populace at large, Koruiwa (Watari), the toughest cop in town, enters the fray and immediately starts shaking things up. Soon he falls in love with Keiko (Kaji), one of the syndicate's heirs, and his loyalties are really put to the test. Meanwhile, he's discovering just how deeply corruption and graft have penetrated his police force. What's a good cop to do?

    Why we love it

    Fans of American gangster movies are sure to enjoy this wild ride featuring tough dudes, cool suits and shades, and sexy molls. This uniquely Japanese interpretation of the crime genre truly breaks the mold, delivering a gonzo explosion of color, violence and energy. With lots of hand-held shots, unusual for the time, "Graveyard" has a kinetic immediacy; but action never supersedes plot and character. Fukasaku, a master of the genre (who inspired Quentin Tarantino), has crafted a gritty, pulse-pounding, intelligent thriller, featuring a hero whose antics would make Dirty Harry blush. Here's one "Graveyard"” worth visiting.