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Watership Down

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Watership Down

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Unhappy in their crowded warren, a group of disillusioned rabbits, including Hazel (Hurt) and Fiver (Briers), wanders the English countryside in search of a new home. They must resort to their wits, however, when they encounter dangerous predators and a network of rabbit communities ruled by authoritarian means.

Why we love it

Expertly voiced by veteran actors like Hurt, Briers, Ralph Richardson, Zero Mostel, and Denholm Elliott, Rosen's "Watership Down"” brings the bestselling Richard Abrams novel to vivid, tail-thumping life. Despite the gorgeous watercolors and handsome animation —and yes, those talking bunnies—, this is not a film for young children, as it deals explicitly with death and the theme of oppression. "Watership Down"” aims for blunt emotional realism, and that makes it grim at times; but its allegorical power is right up there with Orwell's "Animal Farm.”"

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