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Though his superb looks faded long ago, and his career is in sad decline, elderly London actor Maurice (O'Toole) still has the sex drive of a man half his age (or believes he does). So when Jessie (Whittaker), the spunky great-niece of his curmudgeonly old pal Ian (Phillips) arrives, a titillated Maurice makes it his duty to enlighten this callow Venus about life. But it turns out Maurice has much to learn from his young friend as well.

Why we love it

Playing a somewhat lecherous, once-dashing actor in his twilight years, O'Toole deservedly received an Oscar nod for "Venus," a witty and heartfelt variation on the Pygmalion myth. Hardly known for sober restraint in his own youth, O'Toole brings a knowingly mischievous quality to old Maurice, as he avidly pursues a nymph barely out of high school. Whittaker is more than a match for him though, and their fiery but ultimately affectionate rapport comes to life under Michell's sensitive direction. Vanessa Redgrave lends a hand, too as Maurice's eccentric ex. Despite its valedictory air of regret and resignation, "Venus" is a film that will leave you feeling a zest for life.

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