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Two for the Road Poster
Released Runtime Category
1967 111 Romance
Director Language
Stanley Donen English
Audrey Hepburn, William Daniels, Albert Finney

Two for the Road

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What's it About
The ups and downs of matrimony are deftly explored via vacations past and present in the lives of affluent couple Joanna (Hepburn) and Mark Wallace (Finney). We see the bloom of early passion recede as, over time, the couple adjusts to new life priorities and struggles to maintain their intimacy and affection.
Why we love it
This smart, knowing romance projects director Donen's signature style, with Hepburn the essence of sixties chic, and Finney (in his prime) the epitome of a salty, rugged leading man. European locales and a memorable Henry Mancini score add the requisite zing to this mature, nuanced love story. William Daniels and Eleanor Bron are also memorable as another married couple who cause Joanna and Mark to examine the state of their own union.

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