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    Two English Girls

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    Two English Girls

    What's it About

    At the turn of the century, young Parisian art critic Claude (Léaud) meets the effervescent Anne (Markham), a spirited woman who invites him to a seaside cottage in Wales, secretly hoping he'll have an affair with her strait-laced sister Muriel (Tendeter). The plan works, but things become complicated when Claude and Anna begin a tryst of their own.

    Why we love it

    Adapted from a novel by Henri-Pierre Roche (like Truffaut's "Jules and Jim"), "Girls" is an engaging, erotic tale about a uniquely conflicted love triangle, since the English lasses in question are not only rivals for Claude's love, but also siblings. Truffaut regular Léaud's Claude is endearing, as is Markham's highly artistic Anne. Before his death in 1984, the director restored 20 minutes of footage; this definitive version is available to us now. With its gorgeous coastal settings and a lovely score by Georges Delerue, "Two English Girls" will seduce moviegoers in the mood for love.

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