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Tuesday, After Christmas

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Tuesday, After Christmas

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What's it About

Paul Hanganu (Branescu) is experiencing a fairly common yet often harrowing midlife dilemma: —he's happily married to Adriana (Oprisor) but has also fallen in love — or is it lust? — with a younger woman named Raluca (Popistasu), who happens to be his daughter's orthodontist. As the holidays approach, Paul feels compelled to end his double life, but is gripped with uncertainty. Should he stay with the loving and comfortable Adriana, or leave his family for Raluca and the tantalizing possibility of a more impassioned life?

Why we love it

This highly adult, unflinching look at love, marriage, and infidelity continues the Romanian New Wave's streak of compelling, realistic dramas. Life here is captured not in black and white, but a series of grays. We never grow to hate or resent Paul; he's just an imperfect soul caught up in a messy situation. The three central actors all turn in solid performances, which Muntean captures in long takes that crackle with the energy of live theater. In particular, Branescu and Oprisor (married in real life) share an easy on-screen physicality that conveys volumes with a sigh or glance. To glean some important truths about the human condition, make an appointment for "Tuesday."

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