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Trouble in Paradise

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Trouble in Paradise

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What's it About

Parisian jewel thieves Gaston (Marshall) and Lily (Hopkins) fall in love over dinner — while trying to pick each other's pockets. With a wealthy widow, Mme. Colet (Francis), as their latest mark, they craftily install themselves as her secretary and typist, respectively. But things get complicated when Gaston must pretend to fall for the beautiful heiress (or is he pretending?) and she returns the compliment. Careful, Gaston — you're playing with fire!

Why we love it

This sublime, soufflé-light farce ranks as one of the director's finest outings. The film pokes sly fun at conventional mores, and cheerily touts the marvels of sex, riches, and the little games we play with both. All the signature ingredients you'd expect from the Master are here in abundance, including rarefied atmosphere, snappy dialogue, and witty ripostes. Marshall and Hopkins create a striking comic chemistry — he, the epitome of English coolness; she, wonderfully feisty, but no fool. And Ms. Francis makes a stunning complication! If you like your chuckles with a touch of class, this is a movie for you.