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It’s 1916, and World War I is raging. The Ottoman Empire controls much of Northern Africa and Arabia. Bedouin brothers Hussein (Salameh) and young Theeb (Eid) live traditional lives as pilgrim guides, but the Ottoman railway threatens their livelihood. When a British army officer (Fox) asks Hussein to escort him to the train tracks. Theeb follows along. But an ambush by raiders leaves Theeb stranded in the desert with only a wounded mercenary for company.

Why we love it

Shot in Jordan, in some of the same locations as “Lawrence of Arabia”, this picaresque “Bedouin Western” features stunning landscapes and gripping performances, mostly from a cast of local villagers who had never acted before. The filmmakers spent a year living in the desert learning the Bedouin culture and endured extreme weather conditions while filming. Nominated for a Foreign Language Oscar, this gripping, authentic adventure tale is the first Jordanian film ever to receive that honor.