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The Worst Person in the World

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The Worst Person in the World

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What's it About

Julie (Reinsve) is a vibrant, attractive young woman in Oslo who’s approaching thirty and no closer to figuring out a clear path for her life. She changes her career path as often as she changes her hair color, finally settling on a job in a book store. Meanwhile, her live-in romance with older graphic book author Aksel (Lie) is complicated by their significant age difference. Then Julie meets barista Eivind (Nordstrum) completely by chance, and considers making yet another change. Will Julie ever figure herself out?

Why we love it

Writer/director Trier has crafted a warm, wise, affecting tale of one very human lady navigating a world she can’t seem to fully adjust to. Early on Julie starts out as a young scholar and medical school student, doing what’s expected of her, then abruptly gets off the fast track and into a more uncertain, haphazard life journey. Beyond the why of it all, the film makes us wonder whether she is making the right choices for herself, or undermining her own happiness. Charismatic star Reinve carries the film and makes us love the flawed but enchanting Julie. Frequent Trier collaborator Lie is also superb as her staid but caring partner, who clearly loves her but is also self-consumed. (Men!) This bittersweet, Oscar-nominated dramedy from Norway is definitely a “Person” of interest.

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