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The World's Fastest Indian

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The World's Fastest Indian

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What's it About

New Zealand native Burt Munro (Hopkins) has had a passion for motorcycles — and all fast accelerating machines — since childhood. Tinkering endlessly with a 600cc 1920 Indian model for most of his life, the now-retired Munro decides to follow his dream to Bonneville, Utah, where he plans to break the land-speed record on the world-famous salt flats, despite his advanced age and the homemade hackery of his two-wheeled racer.

Why we love it

Chewing his role with obvious delight, Hopkins is terrific in Donaldson's rousing, against-the-odds road movie, which chronicles the real-life exploits of quixotic Kiwi roadster Munro in the '60s. Initially barred from participating in the Speed Week time trials, the amiably gruff senior finally gets a shot thanks to respected pro driver Jim Moffett (played by Chris Lawford). Donaldson weaves dramatic details of Munro's journey with plenty of spirited humor and offbeat encounters with boosters, fellow travelers, and even a transvestite motel clerk. Diane Ladd's widow/love interest and Paul Rodriguez's car salesman are especially memorable. Get in the driver's seat with "Indian," and enjoy the rickety but exhilarating ride.