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The Window

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The Window

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What's it About

Antonio (Larreta), a renowned writer, is in his eighties and very close to death. His son Pablo (Diez), a famous pianist, is on his way for one last visit in the hopes of reconciling with his estranged father. While the house bustles with preparations for this all-important day (rooms are cleaned, food chosen, wine selected, and the piano is tuned), Antonio, intravenous drip in hand, sneaks out past his longtime caretakers for a final walk through the gorgeous Patagonian countryside where he has lived his whole life.

Why we love it

Argentinean filmmaker Sorin ("Bombon El Perro") again proves his ability to find the poetry and humanity in even the smallest of stories. This wistful little film uses a walk in the countryside to deliver a lovely, delicate ode to mortality, nature and family that will linger with you long after its brief running time has run out. Larreta (also a novelist in real life) imbues the dying Antonio with wit and fortitude; his wonder and awe at re-entering the world for one last jaunt is palpable. If you've enjoyed Bergman's "Wild Strawberries," you'll love this film's similar engagement with questions of life, death and memory. Peer in "The Window."