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The Umbrellas of Cherbourg

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What's it About

In this kaleidoscopic musical romance, Genevieve (Deneuve) and Guy (Castelnuovo) are young Parisian lovers forced to separate when Guy gets drafted for military service in Algeria. Though they promise to stay true to each other, over time life complications intervene, specifically in the form of one Roland Cassard (Michel), a well-off jeweler who can help Genevieve just when she needs it most.

Why we love it

Director Jacques Demy's visually sumptuous masterpiece is unique in that it's all-sung, with no spoken dialogue. Thanks to a magical score by Michel Legrand, the bold conceit works. Deneuve is a vision as Genevieve, a role that made her an international star overnight, and Anne Vernon also shines as Genevieve’'s practical yet fretting mother. Lead billing also goes to Demy's vibrant color palette, a tribute to the '50s Hollywood musicals he so loved. An ideal date movie, "Umbrellas" is a feast for eyes, ears, and heart.

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