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The Tale

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What's it About

Fox’s painfully honest, autobiographical memoir examines the horror of child abuse and its lasting impact. It’s also a clear-eyed investigation into the suppression of early trauma and how self-preservation can deceive the mind. Moving effortlessly between past and present, the director keeps her narrative constantly shifting as the character’s blurred recollections gradually come into focus. Dern is fearless and fantastic in the central role, and Burstyn also excels as her guilt-ridden mother. Don’t miss this maze-like portrait of a damaged soul. (Note: sadly, this was actor John Heard’s final film).

Why we love it

Documentary filmmaker Jennifer Fox (Dern) discovers an essay she wrote in seventh grade describing her carefree summers spent at a horse farm. There she was nurtured and coached by Mrs. G (Debicki) and her friend Bill (Ritter).  The writing stirs some deeply buried emotions in Jennifer and she begins to delve into her past, wondering whether the relationships were perhaps not exactly as she was remembering them.