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The Station Agent

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The Station Agent

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What's it About

After inheriting an inactive train depot in New Jersey, lifelong train enthusiast Finbar McBride (Dinklage) moves (or rather, walks) to his new home in a small town. As a dwarf standing just over four feet tall, Fin is immediately noticeable to locals, but keeps to himself, as he always has. However, he's about to meet two strangers, fun-loving, hot-dog salesman Joe (Cannavale) and troubled artist Olivia (Clarkson), who'll have an unexpected impact on his life.

Why we love it

Effortlessly charming and suffused with deadpan wit, this wonderful story directed by actor-turned-director McCarthy tackles loneliness, pain, and tragedy — the stuff of life, in other words — with quiet confidence and quirky passion. Clarkson and Cannavale are delightful as Fin's new friends, yet the movie is unimaginable without Dinklage's touching turn as a defensive man whose passion for trains helps stanch the pain of having lost his truest friend. Funny and deceptively simple, "Agent" is the kind of smart, refreshingly understated indie I'd like to see more of from the Sundance crowd.

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