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The Producers

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The Producers

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What's it About

In this hilarious, over-the-top spoof, former Broadway hit-maker Max Bialystock (Mostel), now a washed-up producer reduced to seducing elderly women for cash donations, teams with accountant Leo Bloom (Wilder) to create the biggest flop ever to sully the stage — all in the hopes of turning a profit on his investors' losses. So they stage a musical called "Springtime for Hitler", and — surprise — it's a hit, largely thanks to the casting of an incredibly hip Fuhrer (Shawn). What will the producers do now?

Why we love it

The genuine laugh riot that is "The Producers" is fueled by Brooks's side-splitting story and script, along with the inspired pairing of Mostel and Wilder, whose zany rapport never once strains for effect. But wait, there's more: hilarious support from funnymen Kenneth Mars, Dick Shawn, and Christopher Hewett. One of the best comedies ever, "The Producers" will leave you flabbergasted at Brooks's comic audacity — and howling for an encore!