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The Postman Always Rings Twice

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The Postman Always Rings Twice

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What's it About

Drifter Frank Chambers (Garfield) rolls into a roadside diner and meets portly, good-natured owner Nick Smith (Kellaway), who offers him a job as a fix-it man. Frank's not too interested until he gets a look at Nick's white-hot wife, Cora (Turner), a smoldering beauty trapped in a dead-end existence. Almost immediately, they become passionate, obsessive lovers, and matter-of-factly hatch a plan to get rid of Nick-for good.

Why we love it

Tay Garnett's sizzling "Postman," adapted from the pulp novel by James M. Cain, concerns fate, temptation, and the kind of irrational urges that drive people to murder. A gorgeous Lana Turner bewitches as the femme fatale, and enigmatic, underrated actor John Garfield plays the regular Joe who falls into her clutches. Garnett's direction is solid and tantalizingly suggestive, as when Frank spots a lipstick rolling across the floor moments before he lays eyes on Cora. Garnett's "Postman" delivers the goods.