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The Pearls of the Crown

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The Pearls of the Crown

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These four films from unheralded French writer/director/performer Sacha Guitry go a long way towards re-establishing the auteur as a cinematic force to be reckoned with. The Story of a Cheat recounts the life of a charming criminal who just cant seem to go straight, while The Pearls of the Crown is an epic historical pageant that tracks the provenance of several pearls across centuries of European monarchy. Désirés racy send-up of class relations is brought on by a seemingly mild mannered valet who keeps seducing his employers. The most lighthearted of the bunch is Quadrille, a farcical comedy of errors in which a magazine editor, an actress, an actor, and a reporter become romantically entangled.

Why we love it

Guitry, already a famous playwright in France before turning to movies in the 1930s, put his keen ear for dialogue and razor-sharp humor to good use in his filmmaking forays. These four works, all produced within a period of a few years, may vary somewhat in substance, but all burst with the same wry intelligence, sophisticated wit, and joie de vivre. Happily, Guitry himself, often likened to a French Noel Coward, appears in each of his films (as does the exquisite Delubec, his real-life spouse at the time), and shows an aptitude for subtle characterization, physical transformation, and broad physical comedy. Dont miss the chance to be introduced to a singular, sadly forgotten artist.