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    The Passion of Joan of Arc

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    The Passion of Joan of Arc

    What's it About

    Imprisoned by her many accusers for heresy, religious mystic Joan of Arc (Falconetti) faces a gauntlet of interrogators, including powerful Bishop Pierre Cauchon (Silvain). After numerous threats and recriminations, and with her fate decided, Joan is given one last opportunity to recant. Still, as before, she only answers to a higher power.

    Why we love it

    Dreyer's sensational, groundbreaking depiction of the trial of 15th-century Christian martyr St. Joan of Arc is a work of enduring brilliance. Though the definitive print was lost for 50 years, its eventual recovery and restoration guaranteed that others would finally be able to appreciate the film's sublimely expressionistic qualities. Mobile camerawork, unconventional angles, and inspired direction of the entire cast are its legacy, as are haunting close-ups of Falconetti's noble visage. Suffering never looked this good!

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