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The Palm Beach Story

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The Palm Beach Story

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What's it About

Tom Jeffers (McCrea) is a struggling architect whose shaky finances cause friction in his marriage to Gerry (Colbert). Gerry impulsively decides to leave Tom and travel by train to Palm Beach where quick divorces are possible. Unwilling to give Gerry up, Tom follows, but by the time he catches up with her, Gerry is being wooed by the mega-wealthy John D. Hackensacker III (Vallee). Fortunately, John D.'s eccentric sister, the Princess Centimillia (Astor), takes an active interest in Tom. The question is: which will win out, love or money?

Why we love it

Preston Sturges's inspired romantic romp remains delightfully kooky and fresh. McCrea and Colbert create divinely combustible chemistry, and Astor almost steals the picture as the zany heiress (her title alone is priceless). And watch out for Sturges' peerless group of comic stock players (including stand-by William Demarest), seen here in the guise of "The Ale and Quail Club." Irresistible fun.