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The Official Story

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What's it About

Alicia (Aleandro) is a history teacher in Argentina who becomes curious about how her husband, prosperous businessman Roberto (Alterio), secured the adoption of their precious only daughter, Gaby (Castro). Yet Roberto seems less than forthcoming. Could it be that Gaby is the offspring of political dissidents who were quietly made to disappear in the 1970s? Alicia must confront the possibility that her happy life is built on a foundation of the basest inhumanity and injustice.

Why we love it

Examining one of the most harrowing eras in Argentina's history, this emotionally gripping film portrays the costs of political oppression — and human savagery — in the most personal terms. Aleandro, who won the top acting prize at Cannes for her performance, is astonishing as Alicia, an educated but naive woman who digs to find the truth. Winner of the 1985 Oscar for Best Foreign Film, "The Official Story" is strong medicine worth taking.

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