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The Magic Blade

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The Magic Blade

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What's it About

Entrusted with the legendary “Peacock’s Dart,” a magic weapon sought by reclusive villain Yu, swordsman Fu Hongxue (Hung-hsueh) teams up with his rival Yan (Lo) to confront Yu at his off-shore mansion. Along the way, the duo encounter swarms of expert killers, along with various characters from ancient folklore.

Why we love it

Produced by the famed Shaw Brothers studio, Chu Yuan’s “Magic Blade” is one of the wildest, weirdest martial-arts films of the 70s, a quest film that finds its heroes fending off everything from assassin armies to a cannibalistic demon granny. Mixing fantasy and action, sharp visual design and superlative kung-fu choreography, this frenetically paced film builds to a crazed climax at Yu’s island hideaway. Staggering on many levels, “The Magic Blade” showcases Shaw artistry at its battiest best!

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