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The Lunchbox

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The Lunchbox

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What's it About

In the bustling city of Mumbai, a wrongly delivered lunchbox connects two people whose lives would have never intersected otherwise. Ila (Kaur), a lovely but neglected housewife, sends delicious, home-cooked meals to her husband every day. One day, Saajan (Khan), an accountant on the verge of retirement, mistakenly receives the husband's lunch. He tastes her food, and is so smitten with it that he sends a complimentary note home with the lunchbox. The strangers then start communicating through daily letters left in the lunchbox, and little by little, two lonely souls connect.

Why we love it

Batra's debut feature is a delicate dose of old-fashioned romance set against a naturalistic backdrop of daily life in India. We see the remarkable network of couriers (called "dabbawallas") who hustle to deliver hundreds of daily meals, and the crowded streets and commuter trains that Sajaan takes to work. Khan in particular is immensely appealing, imbuing his performance with a rueful sense of loss and faint glimmers of hope and longing. Lively touches include an unseen "Auntie" who helps Ila with her cooking, and a young, eager colleague of Saajan's (Siddiqui). This gentle, unconventional love story is mouth-wateringly good!

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