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    The Last of the Mohicans

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    The Last of the Mohicans

    What's it About

    The third cinematic re-telling of James Fenimore Cooper's classic book hurls us into the bitter conflict known as the French and Indian War. In the 1750s, Hawkeye (Day-Lewis), adopted white son of a Mohican Indian, becomes guide for a band of British colonials, including comely colonel's daughter Cora Munro (Stowe). After saving the Britons from death at the hands of a French-allied Huron war party, Hawkeye leads them to (presumed) safety at Fort William Henry, falling for Cora along the way. 

    Why we love it

    With director Mann setting a rapid pace for the story, the movie, equal parts action and romance, takes hold of the audience and never lets go. The always intense Day-Lewis makes a riveting, energetic Hawkeye, and Stowe is luminous as love interest Cora. Mann's roaring, brilliantly orchestrated battle scenes complete a winning formula.