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The Innocents

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The Innocents

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What's it About

Based on Henry James's "The Turn of The Screw," the movie concerns Miss Giddens (Kerr), a governess in late 19th century England hired to care for two orphaned children in an old rural estate called Fry House. Once settled in to her new post, she experiences odd sightings and sensations which convince her that supernatural forces are communing with the children. Whether or not she can make anyone believe her, she must protect her charges at any cost.

Why we love it

Expertly directed by Clayton and shot by the legendary Freddie Francis, this chilling horror tale uses muffled sounds and fleeting glimpses to cast its spell of dread and mounting terror. Kerr is terrific in the lead, a woman who must determine whether she's being haunted or going mad, and Martin Stephens and Pamela Franklin are appropriately remote as the two possessed children. Also look for Michael Redgrave as the children's aloof uncle (whatever his faults, he's wise enough to stay away). Fans of psychological horror should pounce.