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    The Hunt for Red October

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    The Hunt for Red October Poster





    The Hunt for Red October

    What's it About

    When a Russian nuclear sub goes off its intended course and heads directly for the United States, CIA analyst Jack Ryan (Baldwin) must decipher whether its crew's intention is to attack America or stage a mass defection. With only veteran Soviet captain Marko Ramius (Connery) knowing the answer, tension mounts on both sides until the nail-biting finish.

    Why we love it

    The first and best of the Tom Clancy film adaptations, John McTiernan's "Hunt" is a consistently engrossing and intelligent doomsday thriller. With the peerless Connery joined by Baldwin, Scott Glenn, James Earl Jones, and Sam Neill (particularly good here as Ramius's loyal second-in-command), "Hunt" delivers high-testosterone adventure packed with stars we know and love. We'd propose this title as a strong selection for a "boys' night in."

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