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    The Exorcist

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    The Exorcist

    What's it About

    Actress Chris MacNeil (Burstyn) begins to see strange symptoms in only child Regan (Blair), which soon develop into violent seizures. The best medical doctors seem unable to detect a cause, and as her daughter's condition continues to deteriorate, a desperate Chris reaches out to spiritual sources for a solution, first enlisting Father Karras (Miller), and finally, Father Merrin (Von Sydow).

    Why we love it

    Director Friedkin's masterful adaptation of William Peter Blatty's best-seller is one of the most petrifying films on record. An ominous mood is established at the outset that quickly escalates to bone-chilling terror. Burstyn embodies the frantic mother, while Miller is the film's emotional heart as the tortured Karras; and young Blair would never again match her outing as the possessed child. Look for a solid late-career turn by Lee J. Cobb as a curious detective. To the uninitiated, beware — this is still strong stuff.