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The Blue Dahlia

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The Blue Dahlia

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What's it About

Fighter pilot Johnny Morrison (Ladd) returns from the South Pacific to find his wife (Dowling) having an affair with slick, shady nightclub owner Eddie Harwood (Da Silva). When she is found murdered, suspicion falls on Johnny, who must dodge the police on his tail as well as Harwood’s thugs. Mystery woman Joyce (Lake) comes to Johnny’s rescue, but what is her connection to Harwood, and can she be trusted?

Why we love it

Crime writer Raymond Chandler delivered his only original Hollywood screenplay and was rewarded with an Oscar nomination for this tightly scripted noir filled with classic hard-boiled dialogue. Ladd is extremely sympathetic as a cuckolded husband and war hero returning to a sleazy, corrupt town. His chemistry with Lake is electric (no wonder they collaborated seven times!) , with the alluring, diminutive blonde beauty providing her signature mystique. Tough guys, lowlifes, dames and rain…this one has it all!