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The Bishop's Wife

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The Bishop's Wife

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What's it About

When Bishop Henry Brougham (Niven) prays for money to build a desired new cathedral, his prayers are answered with the Yuletide arrival of guardian angel Dudley (Grant). Quietly and unobtrusively, Dudley helps re-align the bishop's priorities and revive his marriage to wife Julia (Young), who never realizes that Dudley's heaven-sent.

Why we love it

Nominated for Best Film at the 1947 Oscars, Henry Koster's sweet, thoroughly charming "The Bishop's Wife" was a big crowd-pleaser in its day, and has since become one of our most cherished holiday films. Cary Grant was never smoother playing Dudley, the most debonair of angels. Co-starring David Niven and a dazzling Loretta Young as the title character, this joyful, witty film still has something to say about keeping the spirit of Christmas alive all year round.