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The Beloved Rogue

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The Beloved Rogue

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What's it About

In the 15th century, legendary French poet and rabble-rouser Francois Villon (Barrymore), “King of Fools,” is exiled from Paris by King Louis XI (Veidt) after a dust-up with the Duke of Burgundy (Butt). But Villon, undaunted by the order, hatches a plan to re-enter the city — by catapult! — and feed the city's poor. Conveniently, his landing spot is the bed chamber of lovely, smitten fiancée Charlotte (Day)...

Why we love it

The actor John Barrymore, still in his prime, delivers a dashing, full-bodied performance in this swashbuckling costume adventure based on the exploits of the real-life Villon, who roused the lowlifes of Paris to defend the city against invading Burgundians. Crosland's hugely entertaining tale of derring-do and court intrigue would not be such a grand late-silent effort, however, without the towering, majestic allure of William Cameron Menzies's magnificently expressive sets. What a “Rogue” indeed!