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That Hamilton Woman

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That Hamilton Woman

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What's it About

On the eve of the Napoleonic wars, the dashing Captain Horatio Nelson (Olivier) turns up at the Naples home of aging Ambassador Hamilton (Mowbray) with a request for troops. There he meets the ambassador's much younger wife Emma (Leigh), and the sparks fly. What follows is the tragic story of their illicit years-long courtship and romance, brought to life by real-life sweethearts Leigh and Olivier.

Why we love it

Love stories don't get much grander than this British entry, which reunited Olivier and Leigh for their finest screen pairing. Director Korda sets this forbidden, passionate affair against a vast canvas spanning many years, nations, and events. Olivier and Leigh are not only supremely talented but gorgeous to look at; you'll find yourself swooning right along with them. Capped by a thrilling, grandly staged battle at sea, "That Hamilton Woman”" is an epic saga, rich in romance and history.