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Stolen Kisses

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Stolen Kisses

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What's it About

After he's discharged from the military, 20-year-old Antoine Doinel (Leaud) bounces from one odd job to another, bungling stints as a night watchman and TV repairman while clumsily pursuing Christine (Jade), the girl of his dreams. Antoine finally gets a break when he's hired at a private detective agency, and then he falls for beautiful, sophisticated Fabienne Tabard (Seyrig) — the wife of his client.

Why we love it

Filmed during the 1968 riots in Paris, François Truffaut's endearing, soufflé-light romantic comedy continues the saga of Antoine Doinel, played by a grown-up Jean-Pierre Leaud, who first appeared in the director's semi-autobiographical classic "The 400 Blows." As the boyishly inept Doinel, Leaud is effortlessly charming, while the radiant Seyrig registers as a smoldering seductress married to a neurotic shoe salesman. Witty, touching, and studded with gorgeous views of the City of Lights, "Stolen Kisses" is one of Truffaut's sweeter confections.