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A varied crew of stagecoach passengers must travel through Indian territory to reach their ultimate destination. They include a saloon girl (Trevor), a drunken former doctor (Mitchell), and a smooth card shark from the South (Carradine). Then there’s the unexpected arrival of the Ringo Kid (Wayne), a straight-shooting outlaw who gets picked up along the way. Ringo’s way with a gun may actually come in handy, as it’s soon clear the nearby tribes are on the warpath. Will the stagecoach make it through?

Why we love it

Director Ford’s landmark Western singlehandedly revived the popularity of a then-fading genre, while making a star out of a struggling “B” actor named John Wayne. This indelible film boasts a smart, witty script by Dudley Nichols; a terrific ensemble cast — including Trevor, Mitchell, George Bancroft and Andy Devine, among others; and let’s not forget those epic shots of Monument Valley, and that exciting Indian attack. Nominated for 7 Oscars, including Best Picture, this is one bona-fide American classic that simply refuses to grow old.

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