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Solo Con Tu Pareja

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Solo Con Tu Pareja

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What's it About

Toms Toms (Cacho) is an advertising copywriter living in Mexico City who, despite his average looks, is absolutely irresistible to women. In fact, his womanizing is so prolific that, in one night, he simultaneously woos a nurse (Liubomirova) while his hot and bothered boss Gloria (Isabel Benet) waits for him across the hall. Soon, Toms also finds himself drawn to his new neighbor (Ramirez). But when hes informed (mistakenly) that he has HIV, the unabashed Lothario is forced to do some soul-searching.

Why we love it

In his madcap debut film, the Mexican director of "Y Tu Mama Tambien" somehow fuses a bawdy farce in the grand Hollywood tradition with a modern commentary on HIV and mortality — and makes it work. What begins as a room-to-room sex romp — with Tomás clambering along catwalks between his apartment and that of his friend Mateo (Luis de Icaza), who's helping out in the seduction game — soon takes a sobering turn as the bird-dogging bachelor finds himself wrapped in the arms of both love and death. Assured and lively, fluidly paced and buoyantly acted, "Solo Con Tu Pareja" is a slapstick comedy with a zesty Latin heart.