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Smiles Of A Summer Night

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Smiles Of A Summer Night

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What's it About

In this evergreen Swedish charmer, distinguished lawyer Fredrik Egerman (Bjornstrand) brings painfully young wife Anne (Jacobsson) to see a theatrical performance, featuring beautiful but mature actress Desiree Armfeldt (Dahlbeck) who's also the lawyer's long-time mistress. Reconnected with her paramour, Desiree arranges a weekend party at her mother's, inviting the Egermans, her own current lover (of whom she has tired), and his wife. A delightful game of romantic musical chairs ensues, where everyone ends up in a more suitable position.

Why we love it

Just imagine — an Ingmar Bergman comedy. The famed director didn’t make many, but this one is magic: a joyous, perceptive meditation on the fickle nature of love and lust, and the eternal struggle between the sexes to understand each other. “Smiles” is saucy, infectious fun and stunningly shot in black and white by lensman Gunnar Fischer.

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