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After a botched mission in Istanbul, where Bond (Craig) attempts to recover a hard drive containing a classified list of agents, our hero simply vanishes, and covert operatives around the globe are compromised. Then a bomb explosion inside London’s MI6 brings M (Dench) under scrutiny for further security lapses. The increased threat level brings Bond out of seclusion, and M clears him for duty despite evident physical and psychological wounds. With the help of Q (Whishaw) and fellow agent Eve (Harris), Bond tracks down sinister cyber-villain Silva (Bardem), who’s the cause of all the fuss, and enters into a lethal game of cat-and-mouse.  

Why we love it

Director Mendes (“American Beauty”) reinvigorates this beloved franchise, never losing touch with the best elements of the Bond legacy. Smartly written, expertly crafted, and brought to life by a skilled cast, this 23rd 007 outing has crack action scenes, sexy trysts, and a poignancy that raises it to Connery-era quality. The snappy dialogue crackles, but where Mendes really succeeds is in the razor-sharp focus on Bond’s relationship with M; as always, Dench shines in her swan-song as the prickly, maternal, authority figure in James’s life. Bardem also has a field day playing nemesis Silva (with his hair dyed blonde!). This third Craig outing proves once and for all that James Bond is back, and firing on all cylinders.

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