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Silk Stockings

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Silk Stockings

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What's it About

Suave American producer Steve Canfield (Astaire) wants to use a prestigious Russian composer on his latest film, and must use all his wiles to prevent Ninotchka (Charisse), a determined female Russian official, from taking his talent back to Moscow. Seemingly impervious to love, capitalism, and vintage champagne, Ninotchka is a hard nut to crack, but Canfield's charms soon work their magic.

Why we love it

A witty and warm Cold War romance, "Stockings" re-shapes Greta Garbo's famous MGM comedy "Ninotchka" into a delightful music and dance-fest. Thanks to the romance of a Paris setting and a buttery Cole Porter score, detente between stars Astaire and Charisse develops quickly, followed by marvelous dancing routines. At age 57, Astaire is still a dazzling, graceful performer, while Charisse ably fills Garbo's shoes. Peter Lorre, in a rare comic turn, even vamps his way through the rollicking Siberia. Irresistible entertainment.

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